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Sepa Napoleon looks ahead
Vol. 5, No. 6
December 2002/January 2003


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Sepa Napoleon looks ahead

Hana Hou!
Vol. 5, No. 6
December 2002/January 2003

Native Intelligence

Good Time Rolls
Deep See
Nanjing Treasures
All Aboard


For Nappy Napoleon's paddling ohana, the sea is family

A skipper's mom ships out with the square-rigger fleet

Walter Liew's bonsai bonanza

Hula star Kanoe Kaumeheiwa Miller celebrates a quarter century at the Hakekulani

Risk Management
Adventure-sports promoter Tom Kiely runs off the beaten path

Keeping the Knife Sharp
Kona's "rascally" Chef Moku counts his blessings

Korean Americans commemorate 100 years in the land of "tall dreams"


Pau Hana


*Note on Hawaiian spellings:
In Hana Hou!'s print edition, we take special care to include the okina (glottal stop) and kahako (macron) marks used in proper spelling of Hawaiian words.  Due to compatibility issues with certain Web browsers and search engines, however, we are not able to include them on this site.