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Vol. 20, no. 4
August/September 2017


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Hana Hou!
Vol. 20, no. 4
August/September 2017

Native Intelligence


Deep South
The people of Ka Lae are as strong and spirited as the land

Critical Mass
The wahine go big in the 2016 surfing season

A Whole New Lu‘au
The next generation of Tihati productions is reinventing one of Hawai‘i's signature visitor experiences


Once Keiji Nakazawa achieved sushi-making stardom in Japan, he had nothing left to conquer - so he came to Waikiki
Gilles and Louda Larrain left behind their legendary SoHo salons for the creative freedom of Kaua‘i
Finding Mekia
Luthier Kilin Reece traced the origin of the world's most famous acoustic guitar, and it let him straight to a forgotten Hawaiian virtuoso
Of Two Minds
Screenwriters Aaron and Jordan Kandell are at the top of their game, and they got there together
The Long Game
Males of Okinawan descent live the longest and healthiest lives of any men, anywhere. Brad Wilcox set out to discover why.
Kingdom Coin
When King Kalakaua issued the Hawaiian dala, he was asserting the Islands' independence. Neither would last.
Through a Lens, Brilliantly
Paul Atkins' cinematography captures the mystery and grandeur of nature

Pau Hana

The King's Torah


*Note on Hawaiian spellings:
In Hana Hou!'s print edition, we take special care to include the okina (glottal stop) and kahako (macron) marks used in proper spelling of Hawaiian words.  Due to compatibility issues with certain Web browsers and search engines, however, we are not able to include them on this site.