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Vol. 14, no. 3
June / July 2011


Risky Business 
Story by Liza Simon
Photos by Dana Edmunds

Rain is pelting down. We see a large black truck and, inside, a man and woman talking.


INT. TRUCK Woman: Let me cut to the chase. In your work as a stuntman, what’s the closest you’ve ever come to cashing in your cookies? I mean, that is unless you’d rather not …


Man: (interrupts, laughing) That happened on an episode of Lost. I drove a car off the pier at the Ala Wai, and the equipment malfunctioned. The car jackknifed twenty feet into the silt. I was underwater and upside down. Luckily, the inside rail system for the camera kept me from being totally smashed. But the safety guys couldn’t get to me. Eventually I found my regulator when I was on the edge of completely blacking out. As soon as I took my first breath, I went for the passenger side and swam out of a pre-cut hole in the floorboard.


Woman: That sounds terrifying. What did they say at the hospital?


Man: They gave me six stitches and pulled some glass out of my hand. Then I went back to the set and did the same stunt again the next day. As a stuntman you want to keep the level of panic and concern as low as you can.