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Vol. 14, no. 2
April - May 2011


Buddy Surfing 
Story by Kevin Whitton
Photos by Dana Edmunds

“And now … introducing ‘Night Hawk’ … eager for the sport”
reads the title card in the 1930 silent short, “On the Waves at Waikiki.” Philip K. Auna and his scruffy terrier were a legendary surfing duo in the late 1920s and a favorite subject for photographers and filmmakers. Night Hawk would hang ten (of twenty) at the nose of Auna’s solid wood, finless plank in his classic canine stance: head down, rump raised, tail wagging. Seven decades later another terrier, Lola, a Jack Russell (pictured here) takes her owner, Mark Librie, surfing. The pair have been paddling out for the past five years, mostly in the breaks off Lanikai (one her favorites is called, no joke, Dogbowls). While Lola’s a die-hard surf fanatic, Mark won’t take her out when it gets heavy. “We go only when it’s little,” he says, “because I’ll tell you what: No matter how small it is, it’s always overhead for Lola.”