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Vol. 14, no. 1
February - March 2011

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Global Village 
Story by Ashley Yeager

photo: David Swanston

At the end
of Highway 240 on Hawai‘i Island lies Waipi‘o Valley. With its nearly 2,000-foot cliffs and fertile soil, it was once home to thousands of Hawaiians and the burial site for many ali‘i (chiefs). With the upheaval that followed contact with the West, however, the demographics in the valley changed, and in the wake of a devastating tidal wave in 1946, the population all but disappeared. By the early 1960s Waipi‘o was practically empty; only a few farmers remained. But then a new and unusual community appeared: an eclectic little village made up of Philippineand Thai-style homes, a Bornean longhouse and a few huts. It was here that some of the first Peace Corps volunteers trained before being sent around the world.