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<b>The Cherry Orchard</b><br>Deepa Alban checks on her trellised coffee plants at Kona Joe on the Big Islands. <br>Photo by Elyse Butler
Vol. 13, no. 5
October/November 2010


Karma Couture 

Story by Lena Katz

Photo by Matt Mallams


A dragon chases the pearl of destiny
through clouds that symbolize dreams. A horse leaps through a ring of fire. A woman’s pensive face peers at us, her dark, upswept hair and pure white skin counterpointed by colorful blossoms.


Amos Kotomori has found his niche at the intersection of spirituality, craftsmanship and art. For decades a textile designer, stylist, auteur and artist, the O‘ahu native has dressed celebrities, traveled the world, even worked for the house of Dior. But his new line of men’s shirts launching at Neiman Marcus holds the most personal meaning for him. Each design incorporates Tibetan Buddhist motifs that wrap around the body, creating more than just a pattern but what Kotomori calls a “wearable prayer.”


Whether or not you understand what the imagery means is less important to Amos than that you feel right wearing his shirts. The sensation of the thin but luxurious double-weave silk, the precision giclée fabric painting and the refined detailing such as French seams combine to give what many of Amos’ customers refer to as that “lucky shirt” feeling.