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Vol. 8, No. 6
December 2005/January 2006

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Meet the Neighbors 

by Julia Steele
photo by Sergio Goes


Downtown Honolulu just keeps getting hipper. The latest entrant on the club scene is Next Door, which takes its moniker from the fact that it lives alongside über-cool thirtyninehotel. Inside Next Door, it’s red brick walls, thirty-foot ceilings, a unisex bathroom, a forty-foot concrete bar and a very à la mode Manhattan-meets-Rio vibe. Each member of the trinity that created the place brings his own flair: there’s Sergio Goes from São Paulo, who contributes his film savvy to Next Door’s movie programming and his Brazilian groove to the ether; Chris Kahunahana, a club maestro whose former parties in San Francisco regularly won raves; and Miguel Innis, a promoter extraordinaire who used to run an international booking agency in Las Vegas. It was Sergio who found the historic building at forty-three North Hotel Street that now houses Next Door. “I peeked in the window and said ‘Wow!’” he recalls. “It had this great Brooklyn warehouse feeling.”

In those days, the building housed the World of Amusement adult video parlor; these days, the goal for the cinema lounge-concert hall is to bring the world’s amusement to the place. “We plan to present the best in film and music at an international level,” says Sergio. “There’s nothing like this in Honolulu.” To back himself up, he points to the DJs that have already trekked in from global hot spots to spin and then promises that this year’s New Year’s Eve party will be a corker. “Miguel is a sound fanatic, so we have by far the best sound system in town,” Sergio says. “We’re planning independent movies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.” Smiling his mellow, infectious smile, he surveys the club and adds, “So here we are. It was all meant to be.”

Next Door
(808) 548-NEXT