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Marcus and Michele Santos are among the thousands of Brazilians who now call Hawaii home. photo: Sergio Goes
Vol. 8, No. 5
October/November 2005

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Rescue Dogs 

story by Michael Shapiro
photos by Monte Costa

Raven, a black labrador,
is Hawaii's first certified
rescue dog.

Deep in the green valley at Kualoa Ranch on Oahuís windward coast, Iím enjoying a perfect Hawaiian morning: Breezes ruffle the kukui leaves, and the sea reflects a cloudless sky. And I would be at ease but for one small thing: Iím being hunted.

Makai, a wolfish black Belgian shepherd with a slender snout, predatory eyes and what his handler disconcertingly calls a "high hunt drive," is hot on my trail. Two hours earlier, I helped lay a 300-meter scent track by walking down a dirt road, traipsing through a meadow of dewy sedge grass, bushwhacking along a dry gully dense with strawberry guava and finally crossing another open sward of tall grass to the kukui grove. And here I wait, looking back toward the meadow to see whether Makai can pick up my rapidly decaying scent and find me. If he can, Iím instructed to make the event seem like the greatest thing that ever happened in dogdom. Equipped with his "paycheck"óhis favorite pull toy and a handful of meaty-smelling treatsóIím ready to throw the biggest party of Makaiís life.