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master net maker, ninety-nine-year-old
Vol. 7, No. 4
August/September 2004


The Producers 

by Julia Steele
photos by Linny Morris Cunningham

The Nii family created this
hibiscus, which Glenn Nii
says his daughter named
Taylor, "after a character
on a soap opera."

Every morning Jill Coryell walks into her backyard and finds flowers that have never before appeared on the earth, blossoms drenched in color. Sometimes theyíre as small as a coin, sometimes as large as a plate. If she is particularly taken with the brand-new blooms, Jill names them. One morning there was a small, lush brownish-purple bloom. That one became The Little Prince, after the aviator who loved his rose bush. Once there was a full red flower with fringes of white. That became Kaleiís Valentine, named for Jillís granddaughter. There was a double-petaled bloom of pinks and mauves that became the Monica Mahelona in homage to Jillís "very, very wonderful friend."