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<b>Backyard Bounty</b><br>Skylar Suiso, nephew of Hawai'i's
Vol. 15, no. 3
June/July 2012


Aloha NYC 

Text by

Shoko Wanger

Kathy YL Chan

Nate Chinen


Photos by Robert Caplin 


So you’re finally doing it
—your big trip to the Big Apple. You’ve read the guidebooks, talked to your friends, watched every Travel Channel show you can TiVo, but nothing can really prepare you for what you’ll find when you step off the plane and into one of the world’s greatest cities. It’s a giant leap from the Hawaiian Islands to Manhattan Island, so to help the newbie from Nanakuli (or even the connoisseur from Kahala) navigate the beautiful, bewildering delirium that is New York, we asked three Hawai‘i-to-NYC transplants to share their best-ofthe- best in food, fashion and nightlife. Punahou grad Shoko Wanger is a freelance writer now living in Willamsburg, Brooklyn; Greenwich Village fashionista Lynne Hanzawa O’Neill, originally from Mo‘ili‘ili, shares her wealth of shopping mana‘o with a fellow Villager and former Honoluluan, writer Kathy YL Chan; and Kaimuki-born Nate Chinen, who emigrated to Washington Heights where he writes about music for The New York Times, takes us deep into the heart of a Saturday night.